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This is where all the stuff is now
ch-athens Life in Athens & Greece for a foreigner from the other side of the mountains.
Take a look what's on in Athens for a swiss geek. My multilingual blog in English, German, Greek.

imagelog is my photoblog and imagelog.


I'm a programmer, working mostly with web based applications. You can find a bit more information about what I do on my professional page

Citroen 2CV

Come for a Ride in an original Citroën 2CV Sahara
2CV Worldmeeting 1999 Pictures
A weekend trip with the greek 2CV club to a mountain shelter in "Grammeni Oxia"


Ultrafast search/replace: Home of austauschen
And a collection of my AppleScript resources (now of only historical value).

Claris Emailer 2.0 -- Making it work even better

Sascha's Emailer-Scripts (now of only historical value)


I can't sleep at night (but that's all right)


This walk with my dog will do you good...

MUS - Macintosh Usergroup

Macintosh Users Switzerland is the user group I seem to be involved in.
Also my notes about "Developing Leaders" for user groups.

About... me.

Who is this idiot Sascha Welter? ... and where do I find him?
There's also my contact page and a page with my professional background in German, English and Greek .