Take a ride in a Citroën 2CV Sahara
Original Pictures taken in the early 1960's by my father Urs Welter © Copyright Urs Welter
My father was taking a ride in this Sahara together with some uncles of mine. My grandfather got this Sahara into his garage and the young folks went to test it out.
At the end of this tour they attempted to cross the river rhine (it is not very deep up in Ilanz in Grisonia/Switzerland). No picture of that, sorry. They where about 2/3 through the river when they ran out of gazoline and got stuck. (That's why there is no picture obviously.)
On the road by the side of the river there was a traffic jam, as people stopped to stare. One of the people was a judge and they got into trouble.
Even nowaday on family meetings when the topic comes up the temper is going up because of the question that is still open: Who told the stupid judge?

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