image log - Sascha Welter

About this image blog

This is the image blog (or image log) of Sascha Welter. Images do not appear in chronological or thematical order. Instead I'm trying to build a stream of images where each images is inspired and touched by the previous and next ones.

About Sascha Welter

I used to be a professional photographer in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Right now I am enjoying photography first, not thinking about it as work.

You can find out a lot more about me on my main site and on my other weblog.

Technical Details

After some years without photography at all and some more time with only digital photography, I am enjoying what people have come to name "Slow Photography". I work with cameras that load film, and develop black and white film at home. I'm not above using a "hybrid" workflow - which means that the negatives are scanned and processing can proceed digitally.

For this image log, the technical aspects of a picture should be secondary, but still I will note what camera was used, which film (or even if it was a digicam). This is more to satisfy your and my curiosity.

Sometimes the story that goes with an image does not fit into the format of this image blog. In those cases I might link to my "other" weblog, where more text is appropriate.